Monday, October 15, 2007


So on the Breast Cancer Awareness ride, I volunteered my time to be at the turn around for the 25 mile ride. I drove the High Gear Van down to Capehart Rd and setup shop with bananas, apples, and water. Most of the people came rolling in as one large group, but didn't stay for too long since they probably didn't want to get too cool. Then, after a while another group came and went, then finally the sweepers, Troy and Charlie, followed the last group in. This group consisted of an 82 year old guy from Kansas City who was riding with his daughter, her husband, and her friend.

I chatted with the KC guy for a while as he was refueling and he was, truly, where I want to be when I grow up. At 82, he either rode his bike, took a walk, or both almost every day. He went on bike trips when he had the chance and just enjoyed life. He said he lived alone in KC (my guess is his wife passed away some time ago), so he could "go riding whenever (he) liked."

Sure he could only ride at an 8 mph pace, but he's 82!! To be in that good of shape at that age is, what I believe, cycling's biggest benefit. My Uncle, who is getting up there in age and is retired, leads bike tours as a way to have fun while earning a little bit of mullah. I wish I could do that right now. That would be so much fun!

So some people hate getting older. I say, there's plenty to look forward to, so enjoy the process, and get out there and ride!


Brady said...

"Put in teeth, put on helmet" is going to be my mantra one day...

I also intend to keep running. Ed Whitlock is my running hero. 76 years old, he ran a 3:04 marathon this past April.

T-bone said...

Thanks for driving the Shaggon Waggon Mike.


bryan said...

As long as you never ride a recumbent, I'm with you. The minute you put on the funny shorts and grow a long, flowing beard, I'm out. Sorry, no Shabbos +1, -1 or anything.