Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cat Scratch Fever.

Ok, I don't have a fever, but I did get a pretty good cat scratch. One of our cats was being particularly squirrelly and playing around under the bed, so I batted at the sheets hanging down from the sides. Well of course she thought this was plenty fun and batted back. Well, all it took was one instance of both of us batting at the same time to end the game. She won by drawing blood. It could have been a lot of blood if the sheets were thinner. My defeat was a nice gash on my middle finger. So I went to my trusty standby for a cure. (I was going to upload a pic of said product, but teh bloggzors is acting weird)

This stuff is amazing. I don't remember which race it was, but a couple years ago I got this mini-grab bag of body care stuff from their company. It's called Zip's Natural Sport. They have just a few products such as the Scab Dab stuff I use often, some muscle rub for alleviating aches, soap, and for the runners - Nip Stick(which I think is just chapstick for your nipples). I've never experienced it, but apparently some runners have issues with their nips while running. Bryan or Brady, could you explain this one?

So anyway, I can see that this gash from my cat's claw is kinda deep. So I immediately wash it pretty good with anti-bacterial soap, dab on some of this Scab Dab, then cover with a band-aid. The gash was almost too long for my band-aids, but it worked. The scratch originally occured on Monday night, and today, I have no need for a band-aid. This stuff has some weird natural super healing powers. It somehow really aids in healing, unlike Neosporin, which is mainly used to over-disinfect. Before, when I'd use Neosporin it would take a long time for scrapes and scratches to heal. This Scab Dab stuff is really nice. Once i run out of the little .25 oz sample/travel version, I'm going to order the larger 1.5 oz tin for $9.00. Trust me, it's well worth it.

Gotta love the little things that cycling helps in every day life.


bryan said...

Picture a wet shirt. You can see it as a tank top or t-shirt. You can even see it as a white cotton shirt on a girl with no bra. Whatever.

Now, a wet shirt sticks to you, right? And it's heavy, right? OK, now go run five miles or so. Heavy shirt that sticks to you, but always touches you on the chest. It's like a cheese grater on the nipples.

Brady said...

Bryan's got it right. Lincoln Marathon this past year was a perfect example of this since it rained for most of it. While I had some bleeding going on, this fella had it much worse. He was one of many.

bryan said...

Oh, and it hurts to shower -- or wear clothing -- for about a week.

munsoned said...

Wow! That looks amazingly painful. Do some runners wear tighter clothing to alleviate this? Or is tight a bad thing when it's at all warm?

Brady said...

Tight, warm, wet and bloody is where it's at, buddy.

Brady said...

At the end of a marathon, bloody nips are the least of your pains.

Loosely fitting tech clothing is the best running gear. Vasoline also goes a long way to prevent bloody friction & chafing burns.

bryan said...

I wear band-aids over the nipples on long runs (15+ miles) or marathons. It only takes one time to realize that bloody nipples is a greater indignity than band-aid-covered nippples.

I only used Vaseline on my first marathon. Haven't had to since.

Peter said...

Damn Red-heads... Burn easy and get attacked by cats E-Z.

Mike, have you ever expirienced the marvelous wonders of brave soldier?

And to all, Mike may be a ginger-very susceptable to burning and getting scratched by cats - but he will be the ginger savoring a FREE CHIPOTLE lunch from me come December. So I guess the joke is on you and I! SH!t!

Have you guys seen The Office episode where they do the 5k fun run for rabies? (how fitting... vicious kitten maulings and running)Where the guy gets bloody nips after like 3k? Funny stuff. I had no idea it was for real.

Bryan and Brady,

how many marathons have you guys done?

bryan said...

I've done 5. One was good, another two were OK. The other two were unmitigated disasters.

Brady said...

One. I've never said I won't do another, but I have yet to muster any gumption to commit to another.

bryan said...

it takes a good-sized committment. at least 6 months, preferably longer. so that would trash cycling season. I may sacrifice the early cycling season next year for an April marathon.