Thursday, June 07, 2007

Uh huh, Shabbos - 2.

Being that I had this week off of work, I got a chance to put in some long days. And since I hadn't really done any long days this winter, eh-hem, eh-hem, it was welcome, but tough. Today I started the ride out with some cats from the Trek Store. I met Dan the pic-man at Carribou coffee on Pacific, rode N on the Keystone to Western Rd then added Paul and Brian to the mix. We headed N to the end of the trail, up Wenninhoff rd then turned on State Street East. We headed toward Hummel and rode up the area West of the difficult steep section. Paul and Dan knew some of the Camp leaders at the Hummel Day Camp and we all got to hear the story that resulted in no more use of golf carts. Great going Paul.

Paul and Brian had to head into their perspective works by noon so we just headed back at that point. Dan had an interesting hand fracturing accident a couple days ago so his ride was pretty much over too. You'll have to ask Dan about that one. So Dan headed straight S to his home and I followed Brian and Paul West back out to Keystone and Western Rd. After saying, "Tah, tah" to them (whatever that means), I ventured down Cass st to meet up with the Union Pacific guys going out for their Noon lunch ride.

I had been told by Fred Hinsle that a couple new guys needed to be taught a lesson in pain. So we promptly turned the screws on this pretty good rider, Reed. He's new and has lost about 20 lbs due to riding. He plans on losing more and once he does, he could be a real threat. Hopefully he'll take up racing! The route we took was the basic ride South from downtown. 7th St to Bancroft, over to 10th, down by Rosenblatt/the zoo, down 13th to Mandan, South on Bellevue blvd to the turnaround point, Fontanelle Forest. There was a couple attacks and I Johann Museuwed it on the cobbles. After returning to UP, I again said, "Tah, tah" and made the slog home up those hills of downtown into the Western wind. Started riding at 8:45 and ended at 1:20, so that's 4 and a halfish? Good times.

I felt really good so hopefully with an easy spin tomorrow, I'll be ready for this weekends events up in Norfolk. Even if there aren't too many competitors, I'm still working on getting in fighting shape, so I'm not expecting too much. I think by Babcook race, I should be golden. If I rode with you today, thanks for the ride and hopefully we can do it again sometime.

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bryan said...

That sounds hilly. Like Norfolk will be. Also windy. Like Norfolk will be.