Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shabbos +1

Pretty lame that only two showed up
Excuses will probably fly
Too bad, because it was a good day to ride
Even though it was windy
Really, though, we knew it was all just talk.

I rode 90.75 miles today. Mike did probably 80. What'd you do?


MOD said...

Annie and I got 75 in on gravel/pavement. You boys should've joined us. The buffet at Platte is second to none

Chris said...

Hey Fizzy (Mike) - I heard you had some issues with your water on that fabulous 90+ ride today!

Peter said...

Yeah, I heard the same. He was too busy analyzing ways of modding his bike to make it more race savvy. Mike the mad scientist.

munsoned said...

Chris - I woulda been a burpin dehydrated fool if Brian hadn't caught that. We stopped in to the BP at Glennwood to get some water and the counter kid (and I stress kid) mentioned I could get some really cold water by using the lever attached to the Dr. Pepper spout. the "water" looked fine and was super cold so I was happy about his recommendation. We take off after chatting to some nice old guys (and I stress old guys) out for a similar long ride and I feel water splashing onto my shins. I figure, "Wow that's a bunch of condensation since the water is so cold." Well, we're not quite out of Glennwood yet, and I go to take a drink just to find that there is much fizziness coming from my bottle. Bryan mentions he found that a couple of the spouts had carbonated water. So we pull over at the last gas stop before leaving Glennwood and I refill with reg water.

If not for Bryans' catch, the ride home would've been quite horrible since we were just getting into the hotter and windier part of the day. It was a great ride and I just wish more people would've joined in.

Mod - Your ride is very Shabbos + 1 worthy. If my roadie brethren are all busy on any Sunday, I'll definitely hook up with you all for some gravely bacony goodness.

Peter - Uh, how have I modded my bike? I dunno whatchu mean? Sure drilling holes in the downtube may not be safe, but it drops a whopping 40 grams and by my calculations, makes my frame 38.97% more aerodynamic than before.

bryan said...

75 on gravel/pavement sounds fun. So does bacon.