Monday, June 25, 2007

Shabbos + 1 is gravy

So after some late Saturday night rescheduling, (sorry Peter, but I had to be somewhere at noon and really wanted more than 2.5 hrs) Bryan, Matt, and I met up at the coffee joint to fuel up on super juice.

We rolled North up towards Ponca area and hit this wicked downhill on the way. That's the sweet part about riding with different people is you get to find new routes that you'd never know about otherwise. We crawled up L' Alpe d' Hummel then shortly after, I introduced the guys to the nice climb on North 47th st. This climb is fun since it has a few turns so you feel like it's never going to end. We then headed toward the airport. We took the trail along the muddy Mo to get there. This trail is not quite like others in Omaha. Just a little more ghetto.

Here's the trail:

And here's something you'll find along the trail:

Crack anyone?

So Matt had never been around the airport road and he fell victim to that roads' spell. For some reason, that road makes you want to sprint or ride fast. I guess it makes sense when you think about it; it's pan flat, it's a long stretch of road with not much traffic, and there's a headwind no matter which way you ride. We're just riding along the road when Matt gets into the big ring and just takes off. He has a pretty good sprint, although there was no way I was gonna challenge him after my 4 hr mtb enduro race the day before. Bryan thought about it, but didn't jump quick enough. Sprints are that way, you got at most 2 seconds to go with them if you want a fighting chance.

So we finish up by pounding over the cobbles of downtown since the farts festival was going on. The last few hills were tough for all of us, so we got a good ride in. If you've been reading the mtbomaha blog, you'd find this ride was EPIC.


Matt N said...

Fell victim is right, just like you both were my victims. hahaha. just kidding. that was great can't wait until next week.

fredcube said...

Oh, there's that syringe! Just goes to show that the rampant drug use in cycling reaches all the way down to the recreational comfort bike, trail riders. Very sad.

Sorry - I just found out American Idol is coming to Omaha. I gotta go pick out some songs to perform.

Peter said...


Peter said...

And yes. That airport "parkway" can be very much so misleading. Fun though.

Matt N said...

no shabbos +1 ride for the next 2 weeks.

bryan said...

I'm going to look on the sunny side and say that needle is for a poor diabetic who got caught on the trail with low blood sugar ... right?