Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Weirdnesday night ride

So since I'm rolling on Shabbos up in Ponca for 4 hours on my fat tired bike, I decided to hit the hills of Jewell on Wednesday night. I rode from work, and coincidentally, met up with Steve Jarrett along the way. Our routes aligned on 13th and that road that comes up from the riverside trail, Springlake Park. That was almost a mile away from Rosenblatt and people were parking all over the place. It was nuts!!!

Jarrett and I got to Jewell and did the first lap at a slower pace. He waited up for me a couple times since I think he was worried if I was gonna make it or not. I guess I've never really ridden with him on the mtb before. I was on my single speed which is not quite optimal for that park. Ok, it hurt bad after the first lap. My core got roxxored. We decided to go out for just one more lap and Jarrett said he was gonna hit it hard, but we'd meet up at the end to ride back home for a while. Well, after the first couple of climbs, he was just gone. That park zig-zags quite a bit so I saw him a couple times, but there was no way I was catching him. That trail is fun, but crazy technical, at least for this roadie. The trail is narrow, mostly off camber, and has ninja trees that jump out at you. I'd have to ride it consistently for a couple weeks to get comfy on it.

The main weirdness happened on our ride down Bellevue blvd heading home. We ran into Ryan Feagan, on his ROAD BIKE. So there I am, a roadie riding fat tires, and there he is, a mtber riding skinnies. Twilight zone indeed.

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