Sunday, June 10, 2007

This just in:

Mike's kinda fast again.


Peter said...

And he looks kinda cool with the caveman stubble he's growing. No more slow computer hacker Mike. Welcome to PAF BA Mike.

munsoned said...

Where's these pics everyone is seeing? My parents are sending pics to my relatives and I have no idea how much of a tool I look like???

munsoned said...

Oh wait, that's right, Peter saw me last week walking with ma lady.

Yeah, it was a fun weekend and I do like being somewhat fast again although I have a lot more work to do. Hard races more than an hour kill me. 65 miles had me cramping all over. Even my shoulder/back muscles cramped up at the end of the race when I reached back to the jersey pockets. Just need another month of 4-5 hour rides at least once if not 2 times a week to get my body built up for endurance. I kinda forgot to do that over the winter and early spring. Oops.