Monday, August 03, 2009

Wednesday, the 5th of August

Since we've got a mountain bike race coming up at Tranquility this weekend, I intend to skip the BM group ride Wednesday night and ride Tranquility for 2.5-3 hours to get a good feel for the course and make sure I'm ready to put in a decent showing on Saturday. I am probably going to park @ BM chat till the roadies roll out at 6 PM then cruise down the hill to get in some laps until dark. If anyone wants to join the fun, feel free. May be some hard efforts but mostly just endurance pace riding.

Also, lets not forget about the Wabash Adventure coming up this Sunday. A good group will make the time pass quicker for all.


RD said...
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RD said...

you might want to come out on thursday most likely tnr will be there

Miles said...

Thanks RD, but that won't fit in the week's schedule.