Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 for Shabbos, do I hear a 4th?

Jonny, Mr. Miles, and I are meeting at the Scooters on 180th and Q to head out for a 2-3 hr ride on Saturday. Meeting time of 7am. Mr. Miles is going to set the tempo for a workout he's doing, but it shouldn't be too crazy to sit in and catch a draft.

So road bikes with some up tempo parts if you're interested.


Mike Miles said...

For once, I can leave last and still be to the ride first :)

munsoned said...

What I found is that the closer the ride met at my place, the later I would be. Kinda weird, but I think I just procrastinated more since I figured I didn't have that far to go.

But then again, I'm late to almost everything, so that's no change.

RF said...

I'm moving all day Saturday. Ride by, grab a lamp, and ride to the new house. 4831 Pierce to 1928 S 50th Ave

MOD said...

180 and Q, isn't the Lincoln? ;)