Thursday, August 27, 2009

Man I wish I was in better shape.

Oh, and also not being on call would be nice too.

This Saturday is the Good Life Gravel Adventure around Lincoln, NE. It looks like so much fun. I know Mr. Miles is planning to attend as well as Rafal. Alas, my lack of longer rides recently and forgetting I'm required to be on call on Saturday means I'm out.

Randell and I are cooking up a 4-5 hr ride for Sunday though. It'll probably be on the road and I'd imagine that the GLGA riders might be a tad too sore to join us, which is completely understandable. Meeting time and place will be decided on and posted by the end of the week.


RD said...

with close of mtb xc season I forsee many more gravel rides this fall.. I have couple of doozies in easter iowa around glennwood.. i will try to take some pictures saturday..
according to registration sheet we have more thank 20% doing it on single speed... heck yes

Scott Redd said...

I'm planning on the GLGA next year. I've really enjoyed the recent Bacon Rides, plus my personal century last week, which was about half gravel.

I'm developing the taste for gravel dust in my throat.

bryan said...

any times set for Sunday? Early is good for me.

Scott Redd said...

I don't think I'm up for a 4-5 hour road ride with the fasties this Sunday, but if anyone wants to do a Geocaching tour Sunday, I'd be in for something like that.

I haven't looked at the web site for quite some time, but I'm sure there are probably dozens of caches within easy access of the trail and bike friendly streets networks.

munsoned said...

Scott, I'm hoping it won't be a fast ride, but I guess I felt the same way about the last few weekend rides we've done, and they were kinda speedy at times. Anyway, have fun Geocaching if you go that route.

Bryan, I'm thinking a departure time of 7:30am from Crane might be in order? I'll post an official Shabbos +1 soon.