Monday, August 17, 2009

That was the most I've ridden in a while

So with the marriage, a mini-family vacation and such this past month, the 2 rides I did this weekend were quite an accomplishment.

Saturday, Randell, Miles, and I headed Northish with a tailwind for about an hour, then turned around and battled a headwind home. Just a couple hour ride and I was seriously toasted.

On Sunday I joined just a few more people for the Corporate Cycling Challenge. A bunch of us were originally planning to meet up at a coffee shop downtown then ride all together at a medium pace, but that all went up in smoke after the start. The Kaos guys needed to stick with their group, Randell and I were burning off our coffee fixes, and others (such as Rafal, Nick, Noah(sp?)) all were traveling at different speeds. It was a great time anyway. However, I was pretty worthless the rest of the day. My bike still needs a good cleaning after all the wet weather riding. Le sigh...

Pretty soon I'll be posting pics of our family mini vacation and then finally make a blog about my wedding and honeymoon with pics to go along with my long story a couple post ago.


Scott Redd said...

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. It's good to see you back on the bike.

It's looking like there's some good interest in the Bacon Ride on Sunday. We'll get Rafal to write it all up and start promoting it. The weather forecast is looking good, too.

If it's super nice, and I'm not totally worn out, I might try to add in another 30 miles or so and call it my first century. Does a ride count as a century if I stop and eat in the middle?

munsoned said...

Hey, the Race Across America people sleep a few times in their race. So I'd think a meal in the middle of 100 miles still qualifies as a century.

RD said...

there you go see you there