Saturday, January 31, 2009

So tired.

My Garmin GPS gave out at mile 36 and it was at least 10 miles from home.  I'm gonna say I had fifty miles for the day.  It was indeed a great day.

Warm sun, great friends, interesting route choice.  It all kicked off with delicious breakfast at EB's casa.  Many assembled and partook in the mastication.  Then it was off to the Blue Line coffee house.  We met a couple other folk there, then we were on our way.

Across the BK bridge, South on the trails, a pit stop at Manawa so most of the guys could venture out onto the frozen over lake (I was not that adventurous).  Over to the Wabash where we probalby should have not opted to ride.  It was fun, but pretty messy.  We hit the road even further south so we could hit 370 into Bellevue.  We hung out at Hayworth park, then remounted and mozied toward downtown.  Most of the guys ate at the Upstream, but Brady and I had to get heading home.  We conjoined with Ryan and Roxy who were just coming back in from their wonderous warm winter day ride.

It was a great time, but I'm pooped.  50 mile rides used to be nothing to me.  Now, alas, I've slowed down and become soft.  I imagine once summer hits and I can put in some hours outside in the sun, I'll harden up again.  But until then, I'm content to get out when I can and soak up the comraderie with fellow pedalers.

Tomorrow!!!  Shabbos +1!!  Bob, I hope you read this before you go to bed.  The other Mike and I would like to ride somewhere in the AM if you want to join.  If you don't pipe up by 9pm, we'll assume you're busy and figure something out.  All posts about tomorrows ride please respond in the comments section.  Oh, and if, perchance Bob and/or the other Mike can't ride, I'd be willing to ride in the afternoon with whomever responds.  Talk to me Goose!!


Mike Miles said...

Munson, morning is not going to be a go. Sounds like I've got a full slate planned... I can ride 1:30 or 2:00 though. Upshot is it will be warmer...

munsoned said...

I believe Bryan and Brandon have a ride planned for afternoon also. I'm not sure of 1:30 is ok though. They were talking noonish. We'll figure it out in the morning.

Bob, sorry I forgot to talk with you today during the ride about plans for Sunday. Hope you had a fun ride home.

munsoned said...

Mike, The ride I'm attending is meeting in Elkhorn at noon-thirty. We may be heading south, so possibly we could meet up with you somewhere?

Biker Bob said...

Sorry about that. I should have spoke up yesterday. I was thrashed from the ride saturday. After eats at the Upstream and the resulting cold muscles, the trip home was less than comfy. So staying home this morning was welcome treat for my weary legs.

Hopefully we can get out and ride again next weekend. I'll check in with ya later this week.

munsoned said...

I was in kinda the same boat as you. Along with my over consumption of coffee, I has a pretty good caffeine withdrawal headache going on. I took it easy the rest of the day.

And by easy, I mean accidentally cutting out large chunks of skin out of my finger. It's an interesting story that I'll share someday. I'm gonna see a doc about the hole in my finger today, but I'm not sure if riding would be a good idea. My finner's wrapped up tight, but with blood pumping, I might soak my dressing each ride. We'll see what the doc says.