Monday, January 19, 2009

I rode, therefore I was?

Saturday's ride was a hurtfest for a number of reasons.  I met up with Bryan near Ponca hills and we proceeded to climb for an hour or so.  He was riding at almost LT, whereas near the end, I was blown past anaerobic.

Let me go back to that morning to set the stage.  The alarm went off at 8am so the woman and I could go grocery shopping long before the noon bike ride.  I was planning on re-applying the removeable fenders onto my race machine.  It was sloppy out and I didn't want to ride for a few hours with soaking bike shorts on.  Never a good idea.  The original plan was to be grocery shopping by 9am, done by 10am so I could have time to dink on my bike and ride to the coffee shop meeting place early.  

We were not so quick to get going.  9:45am rolls around and we head out the door.  We get to Bakers on Saddle Creek and Leavenworth only to find multiple cop cars around the parking lot.  Customers were still going in and out of Bakers, so we decided we better get our stuff done.  We talked to the coffee shop ladies and they mentioned that a half hour before we got there, some guys showed up to make a "withdrawal" from the USBank that's inside the Bakers.  So had we been on time......who knows?

We didn't get all the grocerys put away till 11:30, so that only left me enough time to change and ride out on my heavy commuter bike that has fenders.  Unfortunately the shifting had gone to crap after a couple really sloppy and cold commutes the week before.  Plus the rear brake was rubbing.  All this made for a very unhappy climbing repeats experience.  But I held on ok.  For the first 2 climbs.  After that, I was lagging behind Bryan as he crested the tops of the climbs.  Then eventually, I was almost a minute behind.  Meh.  He's been training, and I haven't.  That's the way it goes.

Sunday, Bob and I met up at Crane on 78th and Cass for an easy spin.  I was running late since my alarm went crazy(sorry again about that Bob).  The Crane store was closed with no reason why.  We had to get the rear rack off Bob's bike at my place, so that's where we went first.  We then tried the Crane that's 2 blocks from my house.  It was closed also.  It had a note, however, that gave notice that all Cranes would be closed that day for a large computer upgrade process.  So instead, we stopped at Blue Planet Natural Grill for some pre (me)/mid (Bob) ride drinkage.  I've only been to this place once to eat, but it was purdy tasty.  Hopefully when all of the Aksarben stuff gets done, they'll be hopping with business more.  Bob and I basically rode straight back to his place since he had to be home early, then I mosied home since I was tired from the previous day's ride. 

Overall, a decent weekend of outdoor riding, but I need to ride more to get back into shape.  Summer will be here before we know it and I don't want to keep falling off the back of rides.


Biker Bob said...

Whats wrong with falling off the back? Somebody needs to keep me company. It might as well be you.

Thanks for the ride Sunday. I know it wasn't much of a workout, but it sounds like it was what you needed anyways.

I'm counting the days before I can remove my 20 pound studded tires till next winter.

fredcube said...

Munson. It sounds like you've taken a page out of my playbook.

My bike was heavy, my shifter doesn't work, my brakes were rubbing, I don't train. Think I'll go for a ride with Bryan "eye of the tiger"