Friday, January 23, 2009

grumble,grumble..Rides anyone?...grumble, grumble..

Anyone venturing outside this weekend?  Highs of 18.  North wind.  Snow on Sunday.


Ok.  Anyone playing loads of Playstation/XBox/Nintendo and/or watching TV this weekend?

I'm up for either, but will be doing only the latter if I don't hear from anyone.


bryan said...

Inside ... ugh. Tomorrow, at the shop around 12:30. Probably 3.5 hours.

Sunday, inside. Probably another 3.5 hours.

But I still have your trainer, barring an unexpected return of mine.

Shim said...

Your gonna do 3.5 hours on a trainer? That's more harm than good. Not sure about Saturday at this point, but Sunday looks like an excellent opportunity to ride off road in the snow. Swanson at noon, polo to follow.

bryan said...

nah, that's just using the resources at hand.

I don't have any other bike than the one I ride (well, the old Bianchi, but that's not fit for anything other than riding to work). So it's the trainer or nothing.

Shim said...

How was it??? I would rather jam a fork in my ear, at least the misery wouild be over quickly.
You must have a lot more patience than I do.

Incidentally, since I know your following Friel, what does the CTB say about riding a trainer?

Sean said...

I played Rockband all weekend. It was awesome.

bryan said...

shim -- I did what I needed to do. No, it wasn't fun. But it wasn't horrible, either. I don't know if I have more patience so much as a desire to do well in Cat. 3. And if that means spending the weekend's seven hours on the trainer, so be it. Like I said before -- it's that or nothing.

Friel doesn't really say anything about trainers. The workout descriptions usually say something like "on a flat road or indoor trainer ... ". I would think he realizes not everybody lives in Arizona.

munsoned said...

I too played games all weekend. The woman got a PS3 with her tax refund. And it is AWESOME!!!11

Sean, is your house still on fire? Seriously, update your blog dude.

And yes, I agree with Shim about the jamming a fork in the ear concept. That sounds way better than 7 hours on a trainer. However, all your outdoor workouts will seem like heaven from now on. So that's one benefit of doing that much time on a trainer.