Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You're Welcom Fred, and updates.

Fred, congratulations on the completion of a significant life milestone. Would you say, the later you get that diploma, the more you appreciate it? If so, you must really love it. Sorry, had to go there.

Well, despite Matt's fighting for my cause, the Lemond Zurich is not going to happen. Thanks again, dude, for trying. I will keep trucking on my Aluminum steed with much happiness. It really is a great bike. The opportunity was just hard to pass up. Some day, I hope to finally see what all the hype is about on a plastic bike. I will probably order that Salsa Casseroll later in the year when my relief check actually comes in (mine's not coming till mid August!!!). Hopefully, I'll find that bike more zippy and fun to ride than the Bianchi. There's something to be said about a stable tank of a bike, but there's much more to be said about a bike frame that doesn't squirm under every pedal stroke.

THIS WEEKEND!!! Saturday: 40s for low, 70s for high; Sunday: 50s for low, 70s for high. I think we might need to go practice bikes for a little while being that there's no races to attend or help with and the weather will be perfect. I have yet to confirm, but I think the old Caribou coffee shop has been replaced with a new one. I just drove by it, the other day and saw a new sign and lights on inside. I don't know if it's officially open yet, but that could be a new/old meeting spot again since it's right off the trail? Please post your open hours and preferences for ride time so we can get out there and put in some miles!


Matt N said...

I'm free Saturday, other than packing at some point

bryan said...

I'm down for Sunday, from whenever I want to whenever I want. I'm cashing in the free day I won in the Redemske house NCAA pool. Predictably, Jack got his ass kicked. Babies suck at picking teams.

Since the low is going to be 50, we could start early -- like 7 -- and go until 12 or 1. Or 4. Whatever.

munsoned said...

Well I'm free both days pretty much, so I'm just waiting to hear from Brady which day he'd like to do.

Bryan, my guess is not many other heathens will join us Sunday morning so it maybe be just the 2 of us. But I'm just fine with that.

Matt, let me know what part of Saturday you'd like to head out and we'll meet where ever.

bryan said...

I nominate 7 a.m. as the Sunday start time, from whatever Caribou is called now.

munsoned said...

Sounds good to me. I'll post the ride.