Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks mike.

I was going to post to fredcube, but I thought that might be silly. I haven't even read any blogs for a few weeks. So what a great surprise to see my name in the title Munson's last post.

Oh by the way, I will graduate from the college on May 9th. Lots of people go to college for 25 years - yeah their called professors. Drop by the house in the afternoon/evening, if you'd like. I'm having a big huge party. I will start posting on fredcube about golf stuff real soon.

And Mike - I still have my Zurich if you could use a 59 cm steel frame. Oh wait, I'd never sell that bike. ever.


bryan said...

I'll bring the Keystone.

munsoned said...

I'll bring the Warsteiner. I will drink beers if it tastes like Warsteiners Dunkel. That's some right tasty stuff.

Oh, congrabulations by the way. You should probably post an update on how your job situation's going also. I think we'd all like to hear about it. Besides, I think Tag Team might sue you for false advertising or something.

fredcube said...

Mmm Frau VarSchteiner ... If it only came in a specially lined can like some of the finer beers, it vould be perfect.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there will be a Keg of something quite expensive. Last I heard, Paulaner Salvatore Dopple Bock (personal favorite) was the leading candidate.

Good suggestion about the job. I could not have imagined it going this well, so I'll blab about it later on.