Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's that you say?

Shabbos +1 is back??? From it's original starting location?

That's right my cycling brethren. The coffee shop formally known as Caribou has a new name. I don't know what that name is, even though I've been by it a dozen times or so. But this Sunday, at 7am, the brainchild of one Peter B (only in attendance once and now in California) and Mr. Mitmoned himself (as once seen in cycling sandals and rumored to do so again) will sure as Sheldon, roll on Shabbos.....+1.

Wouldn't it be great if Fred showed up in his wool jersey, ready to sweat out some last apprehensions before his final finals? And wouldn't it be great if Brady showed up with flags hanging off the back of Old Yeller so they can slow down his blazing fast speed since fixing his knee issues?(congratulations on that again, by the way)

Come one, come all to the event of a lifetime(or rather since it got really, really cold).

Meeting time: 7am
Meeting Place: The coffee shop formally known as Caribou (72nd-ish and Pacific)
Ride type: Friendly social ride with speeds averaging in the upper teens.
Distance/time: we'll figure it out based on who shows up and time constraints.

There'll be fun, laughs, and hopefully more than 2 people!! Hope to see you ALL there!!


bryan said...

the dude abides.

brady said...

7AM Sunday sounds great at Caribou++

munsoned said...

Well, turns out that the place formally known as Caribou is not a coffee shop. It's a cafe. I'll stop by there today and find out if they are open at 7am tomorrow. If not we will have to decide if we want to meet there anyway just for tradition and not have wakey juice, or meet somewhere else. I'm open to discussion.

brady said...

I ran by there today and already forgot the name. They look like they won't be open for at least another week.

munsoned said...

We'll still meet there, but then stop by either Crane or Starbucks if need be. Otherwise we'll just be on our merry way.

Teclado e Mouse said...
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bryan said...

shomer shabbos!

Peter said...

Thanks for keepin' it going. It shershly means the world to me. Tomorrow is already the 23rd... Far Out. Man.