Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cold has now subsided.

Well now that it's not dipping down to the 20s for overnight lows and I'm working the late shift, I've been actually riding a bunch. I've ridden 4 of the last 5 days. Saturday was a 3.5 hour jaunt with some teammates. Needless to say, it got kinda quick in places. That was mid-day so when 7am ride time on Sunday showed up, I was not at all recovered. I hurt from the very first pedal stroke and was happy with just doing 3.5 hours. The compatriots on this newly revived Shabbos + 1 ride were: Bryan, Brady, and Joe S. Everyone was a little tired, except for Brady. He's posted some news on his blog regarding his repositioning and knee issues. I dunno. I think he must have installed a bionic knee, and maybe a side order of whale lungs, because he put the hurt on all of us during some climbs. So that was a great hard weekend.

I took Monday easy with just the commute to/from work. Then Tuesday and today I hit the trails at Swanson for some single speed leg blasting workouts. I got in 3 laps in before work Tuesday, one with Mod. He was taking it easy on his full squish 29er Fisher with gears. Just like always, any technical section we hit and BAM, he's gone. I just can't rip the corners or ride as smooth as the true mountain bike brethren. Maybe someday I'll get it. Today, I slept in and was only able to get 2 laps in. I was just fine with that as I'm going to need a couple days recovery after all these miles on road and bumps off road.

It has been perfect weather recently. Riding to/from work, I've just been wearing everyday shorts and a t-shirt. I just pedal easily and I don't sweat. I'd love to look like an average joe who decided $3.50 a gallon is not worth it and is quietly protesting the use of cars with every ride. In plain clothes, I don't seem to get yelled at by many disgruntled drivers compared to when I'm riding in tight cycling clothing. Kinda weird. I'd love to find a t-shirt that had a pic of a gas pump with a red circle/cross through it to wear while I'm riding. If I could get just one person to try bike commuting, I'd be thrilled.

Oh yeah! This weekends plans. There's a Great Plains Spring Fling metric Century (near bottom of page) that leaves Louisville at 9am on Saturday. I'm planning on it, and I know Jonny Randell's in too. Brady mentioned he might crash the party also. I know the Iowa City races are the destination for most of the racing peeps out there. I do love those races, but man, I'm out of shape and broke. Maybe next year. So that also means Sunday is up in the air. We'll see what happens.

Hope everyone's enjoying the weather!


MOD said...

Thanks for the lap Mike

Biker Bob said...

Some logos I'd like to have on my shirt.

"Honk if you stupid"
"I have kids, pass with care"
"Share the road"
"I pay taxes too"
"$4.00 per gallon! NOT!"
"Pass in the passing lane"
"Race you to the next stoplight"

anyone else have some ideas?

bryan said...

"If you don't ride your bike to work ... "

yeah. I think that'd be awesome.

munsoned said...

Bryan, I believe that slogan is going to come up a lot. What was that from again?

Mod, you probably could have gotten in your 2 laps before the gang had shown if I hadn't slowed you down. Oh, and I also like the Bicycles Cycling Guide that MCC put out. Your choice of face fuzz for the bio photo was superb.

Bob, I have a good one;
"Just trying to get to work like everyone else, but having fun while doing it"
Oh wait, will that actually fit on a shirt and be large enough to read?

Sean said...

"Two wheels and double the brains"

bryan said...

that was from the very, very underrated (and stupid) Mike Judge movie Idiocracy.

dale said...

have gas? no, then ride in front

organically produced CO2 is better

give your life a tune up - bike

eat what you like when you bike