Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The wind is evil.

I forgot how much it takes out of you to ride against a >15 mph wind. Yesterday I got in a little more than a couple hours. I rode into the wind for and hour and 20 min, then made it home in something like 50 minutes. Now today, it's warm out, but even more windy than yesterday. I also didn't get very good sleep last night, so instead of getting sick like everyone else is, I'm going to take the day off.

Who knows when the next time it'll be near 60 degrees, but I'm too pooped to enjoy it now anyway. Yay recovery day.


bryan said...

Trust me -- it wasn't all that fun out there today. I think I have sand in my teeth still.

CHARLES said...

AMEN - the wind was NASTY. When you are going 20 MPH and the leaves are passing you by, you know that going the other way is the pits. And it was.

Father Munson

brady said...

Dude! You got a comment from your father. How cool is that?

Oh, and is he an Anabaptist or Episcopalian?

munsoned said...

Yep, my dad's up on the interwebs. And since he's retired, he may reach "The End of the Internet" soon.