Monday, March 17, 2008

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munsoned said...



I would buy the mech version in an instant. I love Dura-Ace, but hate the cables sticking out of the ends. In fact, I would probably just get the shifters/rear Der.

Sram was kinda big when it hit, but this is going to be huge!

Grumpy said...

I talked to our Shimano rep a few weeks ago and he said the 7900 DA would come in under 2000g. Check for more pictures

munsoned said...

Yeah, I've already been to that site and I'm not too sure about the shape anymore. The tops of the shifters basically look like bullhorns. I guess the current models already work like horns, but those are just a little too "out there." I'd have to see them in person first.

Why did it take me 3 years to figure out that the 2nd digit in the model number relates to the year? I guess it doesn't help that we start hearing about the new models way before that year and before it's available. Crazy.

bryan said...

I'm not really a Dura-Ace kind of guy, despite the fact that I'm wearing a Dura-Ace shirt right now.

Pass the Tiagra, please.

Aaron Pool said...

can I interest anyone in a SRAM Red?

munsoned said...

No Aaron, say it isn't so!! Tell me you don't have an entire Sram Red gruppo available for sale at a ridiculously low price. Please say you are making it all up!!

I would love to have the Red group on my bike, but alas, I've grown up and realize wanting fancy parts does not equal the need for said parts.

But just out of curiosity, how bout you email me with the pricing so I can further beat myself up for not having the extra cash.

Grumpy said...

All I can say is RED Rocks!!
Shimano Dura ace is and will be great. But I think that Red made them a little nervous. They have always said that weight isn't an issue. Now they knocked off 170 some grams so they could be under the 2000 gram line.(1999g is the story I'm hearing)And look at the leavers. looks they took a little bit of ergonomics from Sram, Shift lever flairs out a bit and the hoods look a lot different.
So say all you want about it. I can state for a fact that Red shifts faster and is lighter then the current DA group.
We have 3 bikes in the store now W/red. The lightest is 12.52 (with lightweight wheels so thats cheating) another is 13.5 with a powertap r/wheel and the last is 13.8 with DA wheels.
Red is hot! Shimano Killed all there DA sales for the year. And the new stuff won't be available till next January.
But I cant wait to get my hands of the stuff to.
Now go ride or drink!