Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Sorry post

Here's some apologies I have to make after todays happenings. I'll go anti-alphabetical.

Johnny - Sorry about the hilly route and dropping you on said hilly route. I think we were all feeling pretty frisky so the speed was un-Shabbos like up those hills. Glad you came out and suffered with us while you could.

Chris (Bryan's wife) - sorry about hi-jacking your hubby for an over-extended amount of time. The route we planned took a bit longer than presumed and we didn't realize this till we were way out there.

Bryan - Sorry for planning a route that made you late. We should have turned around when Johnny did and skipped the Blair Climb. It was fun though.

Brady - Sorry for putting you through the wringer when we discovered how late we were. And also not being able to fix the rear hanger issue. It makes sense that it's bent inwards being that shifting it all the way up can throw the chain into the spokes. Getting it straightened will remedy all the issues you experience today. Well except for the destroyed knee and damaged spirits with having a hard time at the end of the ride. But hey, didn't you get a new PR for distance? Got that going for ya.

Aaron - Sorry that you have to leave for Belgium where you'll get to experience amazing bike races and live a dream that most of us will never realize. Ok, I'm not sorry about that. I'm extremely jealous. Have fun kid.

I had a great time this weekend. On Friday I did absolutely nothing after my commute home from work. Then Saturday, Michelle and I cleaned like maids on crack so the place is much more comfy and clean now. In the afternoon, Michelle's mom and sister came over and we played video games, ate pizza and then topped it off with Stone Cold Ice Cream. Plenty of fun, not conducive to training, but absolutely necessary.

Then today, I get in 83 miles just under 5 hours and felt just fine - fitness wise the whole time. Even at the end I still had some power to fight traffic through construction areas. Some of the hills did take it out of me, but I think if I do some hill repeats at Hummel or where ever, I'll be just fine. Man I wish I could race a bunch this year. I guess I shouldn't feel so confident until I do my first race of the year. That will let me know if feeling good after an 80 mile moderately paced ride constitutes being competitive with other cat 2s. Probably not, but hey, 90% of sport is 100% mental.


Matt N said...

Kind of makes me glad I was at work, but not really.

Shim said...

We'll be starting the Wed night ride soon, probably next week, most likely at 5:30 for the first few weeks. I'm probably also going to start a hill repeat route starting from downtown on Tuesdays in the next week or so, 6-8 long hard repeats in Ponca Hills. Check the forecast and dress accordingly.

Matt N said...

Yeah I'm hoping MOD will change my schedule around so I can make the wednesday night rides. I've worked at TrekO and HG for 2 years and never had a wednesday off, so I'm hoping to change that one.

johnny said...

Sorry not needed. Ride on. Sooner or later you will look around and I will still be there. After living in KS where you have to ride 30 miles to find a 5 mile hilly stretch I need to adjust it will only make me stronger.

bryan said...

chris says 'apology accepted.'

But she also asked if she should just start adding an hour or hour-and-a-half to any time I say I'm going to be home.


Shim said...

Bryan, my wife and I had a premarital deal, don't ask how long I'm going to be out and I won't lie about it. Also, we agreed in advance that I could ride when ever I wanted. If you didn't discuss this on the front end its probably too late, for those youngin's out there who are still single, work it in up front or find another woman.

Matt, same deal with your boss, your one of his best employees, lay down the law.

JP said...

Bryan - My wife and I worked out an agreement as well: No matter if I am late or on time, I will still be in the doghouse for being gone all afternoon. So I figure, what the hell, 'tis better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

bryan said...

shim -- my wife rides, too, so she knows how it is. she just doesn't go out for four hours at a time. This has much to do with my inability to accurately judge distance and speed.

jp -- I'd be perfectly fine if I really showed up when I said I would. And I actually do want to show up when I said I would. I just haven't for a while.

brady said...

IOU: burritos for the lobsters and mechanical repairs. Thanks for your patience.

Matt N said...

my schedule should be wednesdays off by next wednesday(1st ride), but I may be out of town, either way I'll have it off SOON! more to come on the out of town stuff at a later date.