Saturday, March 08, 2008

This has been an off week.

For the bike at least. I got plenty of stuff done around the house. But that doesn't help keep me in shape. Oh well.

Sunday: 12:30pm
Place: Crane Coffee - 78th and Cass
Route: Head NW on trails/streets to hit either Bryan's Bennington route, or the Bike Masters route to get to hwy 31 then 30. Take hwy 30 East-ish to Blair. Once in Blair, ride through town and conquer one doosy of a climb on the NW side of town. After a break at one of many gas stops, we'll head SE to Ft. Calhoun. From there I figure the guys who want/can go longer can head to Boyers Chute, downtown, to where ever while the others who need to jet home can take the Omaha Trace to the trail, or head out West (Bryan's and others case).

Sorry to post suggestions so late, but hopefully this works out. I'm up for counter-suggestions if need be. My only constraints are that I will be ready to ride from my place at 12:20-ish and I have to be home about 6pm. So many miles are possible for me. Come join the fun!


johnny said...

See you there.

bryan said...

I think I can do this, but here's how it'll have to be from my end:

If you guys take the Keystone north and then jump on Irvington Rd., then jump onto 133, I can meet you at Rainwood. From there we can go into Bennington the back way and get on with it. The distance of the ride is fine, but I don't want to be gone 5 hours. And if I were to ride from home to Crane, and then back the same way and up to Blair -- and then back to Crane -- I can see it taking that long.

Think that'll work? JP, are you coming along?

munsoned said...

Sounds good Bryan. Rainwood and hwy 133 by about 1:30? Maybe 1:20? I'm not sure how long it'll take us to get there from Crane. But an hour should be a decent guess.

Johnny, no flats this time.

johnny said...

I won't say but I have gotten some heavier tires. Made it all week in Cali so I will hope for the best.

bryan said...

It should take less than an hour. It'll only take 10-15 minutes to get from Crane to Fort, and from there maybe another 20 to Rainwood. Maybe. I don't know. I'm going to leave the house around 12:45-50 and if I'm early, I'll do hill repeats or something.

Johnny -- no flats, or we're leaving you in the hills with the mountain lions.