Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ryan F and Roxy saw me while riding yesterday.

See how I made it look like all 3 of us were riding. Well we were.

I was just creeping home from a jaunt to the Northwest into some abslowtively reconculous wind. I would like wind a lot more, or rather hate it a lot less, if my eyes didn't feel like burning during/after a ride where I cry almost the whole time. I have this problem where my tears are mostly oil so my eyes are usually dry and itchy to begin with. Add some wind and I get the nice 40-grit sandpaper effect right to the retinal area. I tried contacts once, very unsuccessfully.

So I was riding home around the Aksarben area when I saw R and R probably just heading out to face the fun. Hope you guys enjoyed almost being knocked over a couple times. I sure did. Not.


Sean said...

Well mike, I don't think I'll be buying your LeMond. Even though it is a RIDICULOUS deal, and I love your bike, a grand is too much to pay for a "backup" bike.

Plus, my net worth right now is about 300 bucks.

brady said...

Now that's the spirit. I was out for a ride in that nasty wind too, but neither Ryan nor Roxy nor you saw me because I was out in Ponca.

RF said...

good to see you too, Mike. It was windy, but my last opportunity to ride before my nose job. And Rox had to do intervals. so i get to pull into the wind. She's getting strong and I gotta make sure I keep up.
you doing BM century Sunday?