Friday, November 09, 2007

Wow, that was fun!!11

So I scurried around during the day to get ready for my first try at night time MTB riding. I had to dig out my headlight system and recharge the battery. My commuter now has a generator hub, so I no longer have to remember, but usually forget, to recharge a battery. So anyway. I get the battery going over lunch. Mod posted that he was leaving from the Trek Store to ride out there. I joined him right around 5-ish. We were both on single speeds so the riding was mellow. We had plenty of time to get there anyway. The destination was Tranquility with it's brand new trail additions.

It was dim when we arrived, but got really dark by the time we started. At the meeting place, there was only 4 of us so we were worried about attendance. Then down the trail came 6 or 7 dancing helmet lights. That was a sight I had never seen and it was pretty cool.

So we get going and since I had never done this before, I rode near the back with guys that were taking it easy. I kinda wish I had gone with the 5 or 6 faster guys at the beginning, just to get a better workout, but it was nice just riding and chatting. When us easy pacers got to the top of a hill, we took a breather and watched the fast guys headlights zig back and forth like a train of lightning bugs. Crazy fast Doug who was on a single speed cross bike took the lead after that and he was just gone. There was no way I was going to catch him. It didn't help that this particular section of the trail was completely new and rather twisty, but I thought I could at least keep him in sight. I was wrong. After the end of that lap, we all hung around for little then started the 2nd lap. I rode with the fast guys this time. They were taking it easier which is how I stayed with them. However, once Mod got to the front and got to a technical section, he was also just gone. Usually I can make up ground on the longer stretches, but Tranquility has been completely redone to make it much more technical. My long stretches were no more. Plus I was fading fast. By the end of the 2nd lap, I was toast. But it was fun.

A few of us rode, while others drove, over to Josh and Khamails place for some amazing food. It was the perfect end to a new adventure. Great food and great company. Epicly good times.


Anonymous said...

Why was the trail changed up so much?


JW said...

I'm glad to see you make it out to your virgin nite ride. Nite riding is great and unless your one of those people who work at night it's the only way to get a ride in during the week (during winter that is).

How were those cookies?

munsoned said...

Legg, the trail was changed to ward off rutting. If you remember about that trail, it had many long straight sections either going uphill or down. This led to much trail erosion which is why that pic I posted has a bunch of squiggly lines all over it. I think once the trail gets broken in, it'll be really fun.

JW, um...I'm going to have to bring up a harrasment charge at work because those cookies were so good, they made me feel dirty. Just kidding. Well only partly kidding. I think I will have to hide them various places all over the house so I don't sit down and consume them all in a glutenous gorge fest. Did the misses create those wonderous tasty morsels? If so, thank her very much. If you did, than I thank you sir. And also, thank you both to hosting a fine post ride dinner. As I said in my post, epicly good times.