Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just a pre-warning.

I'll be out of any Shabbos riding this weekend since the cyclocross races in Lincoln are hosted by our team and I'm helping out. Oh wait a minute, Bryan's doing that crazy running thing and not many others have been joining our ride, so there you go.

Ok so nevermind. IGNORE THIS POST and go on about your business.


brady said...

I'll be running that crazy LHF race too.

I suggest putting an SEP field around this post.

bryan said...

My new goal: stay near Brady at LHF. I think I can do it with a little moxie and a small length of rope.

brady said...

Bryan, you should have no problem with that. Besides, I'm still planning on going as Patsy and banging coconuts together for this one. Interested in being Arthur or one of his knights?

This is an open invitation to anyone that's not affected by the SEP field on this blog.

bryan said...

I ran today. I won't be a knight. I won't be anywhere near Patsy. Ow ow ow ow ow.

Matt N said...

I'll be in Lincoln on Sunday for the 4's race. See you Mike