Friday, September 28, 2007

Shabbos +1 - the glorious return

It's really only been, what, two weeks since we rode on Shabbos +1? That's two weeks too long, friends.

time: 8 a.m., leave at 8:15 (got it, Munson?)
place: Caribou on 72nd and Pacific
destination: unknown, though I haven't been to Fort Calhoun in about five or six weeks.
speed: quick social, because Mike can't hammer
burritos: optional, though they can be exchanged for components or whole bikes, depending on the size and ingredients of the burrito


Matt N said...

heavy or light bikes?

bryan said...

I'd rather right my light bike, mainly because I've been on my heavy one all week. Shabbos +1 is likely my only chance to ride it until next Shabbos +1. I need to get the Bianchi converted to SS, then I'll ride that damn thing everywhere.

Matt N said...

that's fine. I have a cross race on the 14th so anything will probably help. i'm in bad shape.