Thursday, September 20, 2007

I got the TSIDS.

TV Show Induced Depression. There's this great website. It has all kinds of shows, movies, etc that you can watch for free. Some of the stuff doesn't really work since it's too new or too old, but if you want to catch up on various weekly shows, movies, or whatever, you can watch them commercial free on this sight (with a high speed i-net connection, of course). There's a tv-show called, "Dead Like Me" that I saw a couple times when Cox had a month of free Showtime on cable. It was funny and different. Basically the plot is, the main character was an angsty 18 year-old who died when a toilet seat came falling down to earth from a space station. She became a grim reaper. So now she gets post-its with a name and ETD, estimated time of death. As a grim reaper, she has to pop the soul out from the person who is about to die in some sort of accident. That way their soul doesn't have to experience the death, and can pass onto their version of "heaven" peacefully. Different premise and some great comedy in this show.

So I've been watching the episodes on this website pretty consistently. Now I'm in a state of apathy/depression. Way too much dwelling on death and the meaning of life, etc, etc. I just don't feel like riding the bike even though it's been great weather recently. Not sure why, I just don't feel the need to ride around with no goal. So I'm going to start watching a different show. Maybe Arrested Development? There's tons to choose from, so I will try to find the most funny, cheery, happy-inducing show to help me get out of this funk.

Enjoy the link and don't watch too much.

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bryan said...

see, that's why I watch the History Channel. If I want to be depressed, I'll go listen to some early Ryan Adams (no Fred, not Bryan). That'll bring you down.