Sunday, September 01, 2013

4 days in a row?

Beer soaked socks.  Different than GSV, eh?

On Saturday, Fred convinced me to take a "leisurely" ride with him on the Greenstreet Tuesday night route. I guess for Fred, it might have been leisurely, but I sure felt like I did after every Wednesday night ride I've ever done - a wobbly mess of tiredness.

It was a fun ride, no doubt, but I had to keep telling myself, "Boy! Fun sure is hard work."

After the ride I had my normal recovery drink - almond milk with a good heap of chocolate syrup.  I then showered*, fixed myself some leftovers, and of course had a beer.  Well, since I was all wobbly and tired, I first spilled gravy on our couch which I cleaned with my napkin, then I spilled beer all over our floor.  Since I was out of napkins, I moved on to the next best thing - random socks on the floor that had not been put into the clothes hamper yet.

So there you have it - beer soaked socks.

Anywho, I have ridden 2 days in a row, which goes against every training book in the world, as you're only supposed to increase your weekly mileage by 10% a week.  But that would mean going from my normal commuting 24 miles a week to 26 miles, then 28-ish, then around 30(or 31 if you want to round up), etc, etc.

I did the ride with Fred for around 55 miles on Saturday.  Then today, I rode down the Keystone, around to Hayworth park, up the Bellevue Blvd, through Spring Lake, to the South Omaha trail, to the Keystone again to home.  It was a mellow ride with my next door neighbor who's gotten in pretty decent shape.  I needed that ride after the "leisurely" ride with Fred.

So my plan is to ride Monday since it's a holiday and going to be much cooler, and also hit the Greenstreet Tuesday night ride and hopefully not embarrass myself too much being that it's a fast group road ride and I haven't been on one of those for at least 3 years.

That's 4 day's of riding with an increase of weekly mileage by about 2000% or something?  I might be undercutting that estimate a little.

So who wants to go on a mellow, not "leisurely" ride on Monday morning, or afternoon, or whenever?

*this is probably TMI, but I'm now adhering to rule #33.  Guess it's time to get serious again.


Fred Hinsley said...

Atta boy. I might do Tuesday too. I don't know if Wednesday's is still going.

Fred Hinsley said...

And by the way Munson - you rode well on Saturday. You'll be back in no time.