Friday, September 27, 2013

Trying something new

So I'm trying this new thing where I don't destroy my wrist.

Oh, in case you didn't know, ever since I started joining rides on the weekend (3 whole weeks, WOO HOO!) my left wrist has been in agony.  I don't know what I did when, but it's been in pain for most of the summer.  It's most apparent after (and sometimes during) longer bike rides.  Also, changing my position on my roadie by dropping the handlebar height, made it even worser.  I love that position on the bike since I feel most efficient that way, but it's murder on my hands/wrists.

I could look back in the archives of this blog and find the time I originally sprained my wrist on a ride, but that would require some work.  I remember not being able to ride the Corporate cycling challenge and getting a lot of flack from Shim, for the "real reason" I sprained my wrist.  Ha ha.

HHHmmmmm...there's the time this last spring when we had the freak snowstorm and I went on a drunken bar hop ride with Scott, Pell, and company.  It snowed all day, we met downtown at 5pm when they were closing things down, we "rode" (and by rode I mean walked mostly) up the hipster highway to the Homey Inn. Afterward, I putzed home on Saddle Creek since no cars were around.  The whole ride no one really fell.  But right by Bakers, there was a crack in the cement I couldn't see because of the snow.  I fell over slowly, but of course I braced myself with my arm and I think I damaged the wrist right then.

I could go see a doctor, but I'm pretty sure they'd just say, "Stop riding your bike, you idiot."  So that's what I've been doing since last Sunday.  I've only ridden to work a couple days this week rather than every day.  I'm also not riding on Saturday since I'll be a groomsman in my brother in law's wedding.

Sunday ride?  I dunno.  I may flip my stem back over and see if the upright riding thing is any worse for my efficiency or any better for my wrist.  If not, I may have to go see the doc for some suggestions.


Fred Hinsley said...

Hmm. Sorry about your wrist, Munson. I think I will be available for early Sunday. I'm pretty sure it is supposed to rain tomorrow morning anyway. Sometimes those predictions are all jacked up and you wait for morning to go by and it doesn't rain the whole time so then it's noon and you get kitted up as it begins to rain. Le Sigh. FYI - I think I'm going to ride over to Olympia for a Beer at 4:30-5ish this afternoon. Maybe they'll have 2 litre sodas there.

munsoned said...

I saw that invitation to Olympia, but I got wedding rehearsal stuff this evening, otherwise I'd join. Have a 2 litre for me!
Oh, and let me know about Sunday. I do need to keep my weekend ride streak alive.

brady said...

Have you considered PT? A doctor will almost always tell you to rest it for X weeks. PTs will almost always tell you you can at least do something right now. And Mike Bartels can even fit you properly on a bike as one of your PT sessions.

Hope it gets better soon.