Friday, September 06, 2013

I'm tied for 4th

I now know how to Strava.

I've only done 3 rides - commutes, but I'm giving myself some time to ramp up the training.  I did lotsa miles last weekend and I plan to do more this weekend.  I'll probably do a couple more weeks like that before I start going after KOTMs.  This is mainly because I want my body to acclimate to the new/old road bike.  I've been strictly riding the Super Commuter (Its Slices! It Dices! And it's usually in a state of disrepair due to heavy use and abuse!).

Old Blue has been dusted off, made into my typical franken bike(with all component manufacturers represented - Campy, Shimano, Sram), and brought up to date with a GPS donated by Fred.

I decided on a whim, before I knew any better, to create a "segment" - ie KOTM section - on the little hill up 42nd street between Leavenworth and Emile.  I mapped it out and forgot about it.

Going back to check it a day later, I found that I was in 6th place with an average MPH of 9.7 or something.  I'm usually trying to creep up that climb as it's a block or so away from walking into work, so I'm trying to cool down by then.  Who did I find on the top of the list? One Eric Brunt; with an average MPH of 27!?!?!?!  I should have known better not to create a segment anywhere in Eric's workplace.  See, he delivers Jimmy Johns to this area and is always in a bit of a hurry.  Apparently someone needed sandwiches really bad at UNMC the day that Eric set that record.  I don't see myself ever beating him on that KOTM.

But there are many other KOTMs out there.  And I'm really looking forward to dropping about 20 lbs, ramping up the engine, and going after some number one spots.  Hey that reminds me:

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