Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm never riding my bike again.

This last weekend was a doozy in terms of my part time job - that being chip timing for bike races.  2 evening crits meant the days were filled with data processing, setting up, working, tearing down, then more data processing.  Sunday brought the Corporate Cycling Challenge.  They wanted timing for that too, so after collapsing into bed at midnight Saturday night, I trudged downtown at 5:30am to get things setup for the chaos that is 4000-ish people becoming cats needing to be herded around.  After I got a very small percentage of the cats chipped up, all were loosed upon the Northern regions of Eastern Douglas County.

Good buddy Peter Boyd won the timed 42 mile trip in 1 hour 42 minutes.  After they cooled down a tad I chatted with a few of the guys I used to paceline with on this ride. Brady and Fred said it was a blast and I let them know I was hoping to join them for the event next year if someone else can do chip timing, or chip timing just doesn't happen.   Brady of course pointed out that I should say I'm not riding in next year's CCC since I always do the opposite of what I say I'm going to do.

Thanks for the gut punch, dear friend.

My last post was in the Spring and I was all giddy about training for Gravel Worlds.  There's something about going on a long bike ride that gets me all euphoric and gung-ho to ride more.  I start having grand schemes about training hard, getting faster, possibly trying racing again.

Then a week or 2 (or 3 or 4) will go by without any riding aside from my measly 3 mile commute to and from work.  Things happen - family comes into town, I have a month long stint where every weekend I do chip timing for races which takes up a ton of time over the weekend, the weather gets too extreme (wet, hot, cold), or I just generally feel lazy and don't want to ride.

So when the "registration deadline" for Gravel Worlds came and went, I let it go.  I was on the fence about a friend's wedding to attend the night before GW, but now I'm committed to it.  Originally in May, the whole month of August looked clear, race chip timing-wise, so I figured I could get some good long rides in leading up to GW.  Then in July, the NCA schedule all of a sudden filled up with races, and I was glad I didn't need those weekends to get things dialed in to survive 150 miles of gravel.

So next weekend, when everyone is having an EPIC time GRAVEL GRINDING away(obligatory overly used terms) I will be at the vet, getting our kitten her rabies shot.  Yay.

Then, I might just go for a bike ride.  I mean, I'm never riding my bike again.  Yeah, that's it.


brady said...

I take exception to being called your "good buddy".

Look, if you're gonna say the opposite of what you intend, then I'd prefer that you call me an asshole. That way, I know we are friends, um, right? :)

Regardless, the rumor is true. We're getting the band back together -- Peter Boyd has been spotted not only at the CCC, but also on a WNW ride.

So do/don't ever ride your bike again. Whatever it takes, Munson, come out and ride your bike with us.

Fred Hinsley said...

What do you do for friends these days? When I was away from cycling, the most entertaining of my friends were a fun-loving group of quality beer drinkers. Good times. Lot of laughs. I see them once in a while, but not nearly as much as I used to.

Now I'm stuck with these sort of meta-friendships. The local area cyclists. True, they drink beer. Problem for me is I only have time for going out drinking beer or training.

I'd say, start hitting some bars. find some group of lovable alcoholics to hang out with. It will be so much fun. So many laughs. As you guys' bellies and livers expand to unrecognizable proportions, you can tell them stories about how thin and fast you used to be on a bike.

Or ... You know Shim's a Cat 2 now. You're still younger than he was when he upgraded. Now HTFU, and start riding. Bitch.

brady said...

Munson, I swear I'll get off this triathlon path I've dangerously started down and re-focus on upgrading to cat 2 with hopes on riding with you and Shim under the MWCC flag.

Oh I can almost see/smell it now. Winter trainer rides in a dank basement with the noxious smell of freshly sprayed fat lady in the air...

RD said...

Gravel Grinding is the stupidest term i heard ever it's just f-ing dumb... you should do what fred did start up in the winter and keep going