Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Plans...

So, its only Tuesday but I want to get the banter going for the weekend early.

I am not going to the MTB race on Saturday so my first choice would be to do a (somewhat) abbreviated version of the metro singletrack tour and ride at a pretty spirited pace to do it. Second choice would be a spirited road ride. Not married to the two ideas above so if there are alternate ideas out there, throw them out there and we'll see what sticks! I know there's a MTB race at Ponca but I need a longer day than that so I'm going to sit it out.

Trek's Ride the Best tour is coming to Lake Manawa, hopefully it'll be dry and a great chance to demo both some road and off-road Trek branded machines. Could be a good day to meet at Crane head over to Manawa, ride some bikes for a couple hours then head back west. The other option would simply be to show up over there and ride for a few hours on test rigs.

Gonna be pretty nice weather, we should all take advantage of it.



RD said...

I will try to make it to manawa since my dad is out of town sunday. and I want to ride some 29er hardtails

bryan said...

Well, you know I'll be there Sunday. At Manawa, I mean.