Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shabbos +1

Gravel time.

7am is leaving time at Crane on 78th and Cass.  Get there early for wakey juice.

We'll head North out of town, and hit a gravel road I've never seen, so no promises.  

I'll be on a gravel bike, Mr. Miles is bringing his mtb, so no mashing - just easy riding.



Scott Redd said...

Mr. Munson and Mr. Miles:

I had a grand time riding out with you two and putting 40+ miles of wet gravel and rolling highways on my new cross bike. You were both very gracious in setting a workable pace to accommodate my slower riding and inexperience with the new bike.

The next time you need an easy recovery ride, I'm your man. I can promise I'll keep you from working it too hard.

You can expect a blog post in this and the new bike.



munsoned said...

Scott, you were our steady motor to keep us in line. That's the thing about us racers/ex-racers. We always say we plan to "take it easy," but all it takes is mention of intervals or a breakaway and we get get all riled up. Having someone along who won't oblige the pace changes really helps to remind us what we had planned to do.

I was also very impressed with how well you stayed tucked in our drafts. Most new group riders tend to stay away for fear of running into someone, but you seemed right at home on our wheels. Well done, sir.

It'll be fun to read about your new adventures on your new(to you) bike.

RD said...

I'll be down for some gravel this Saturday as well it seems to me that most of singletrack will not be dry by Saturday