Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One of the funniest vids evar

Stolen from Syd's blog. Thanks Syd and good luck at Nature Valley!


Biker Bob said...


munsoned said...

Minute 1:00 is the best line there.

Scott Redd said...

Maybe I'm the clueless vegan, but someone please explain to me the connection between cycling and bacon.

I read and hear so many mentions of bacon by cyclists I'm beginning to think there must be something I'm missing.

That was pretty funny. "I like sweet jumps" and "If you're not bleeding..."

munsoned said...

I actually have no idea why I love bacon so much. And most people who like it, realyreallyreally like it. I'm thinking it's almost a primal thing. We crave salt sometimes and bacon is pretty much salt with a little meat and fat cooked in. I have a Jewish friend who hides his bacon addiction from his family! It's just that good.

Here's a little Wiki entry about it.