Friday, June 12, 2009

June? With this weather?

Current weather forecasts - 70s for highs, 50s for lows, mild winds, some random storms possible.


What I'm used to in June - 80s with humidity and 20-30 mph South winds.

I'm not complaining, but it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the Summer pans out.

Shabbos - people are racing and I'm registering - for our wedding that is. JCPenny will be the place and I'm guessing we'll be spending most of the day there Saturday to get it all done.

Shabbos +1 - Meet at Crane at 7am on mtbs unless you want an easy paced short jaunt with Bob. He's taking it easy to mend his knee and Mr. Miles and I will be on mtbs. We'll depart from Crane as soon after 7am as everyone's ready, head South on the Keystone at a leisurely pace. Then once we get to Cornhusker, I believe Bob will turn around and Mr. Miles and I will jaunt over to Swanson and get a few laps in, then we'll ride back to Crane.

That's the plan.

EDIT: Here's the change in plans:

Road bikes. With all the rain we got yesterday and semi-cloudy cool conditions today, Swanson is probably iffy to ride. So we'll all ride road bikes and have a nice easy jaunt. Not sure where or how long, but we'll figure that out when we meet at Crane at 7am.


Biker Bob said...

Sounds good to me. I should be there unless it's rainging.

If we leave crane at 7:15, I'll ride south 1:15 then turn around (adjusting if winds warrant) so that I get back to Crane around 9:45 and back home by 10:15. I'll be riding at a conversational pace and no hills just yet.

Scott, you bringing out your new steed to join the fun?

Scott Redd said...

Hi Bob:

I'm planing on it so far. I don't think the cross bike can do full-on trails like Swanson, not to mention I've never ridden a trail in my life.

However, I'd sure ride with you back from Cornhusker.

Actually, I'd like to ride another 1/2 mile south from Cornhusker to take a photo of what will be featured in an odd blog post in the future.

Scott Redd said...


Thanks again for another fun Sunday morning ride. I appreciated the chance to learn more about group riding etiquette and a little bit about drafting.

I've known Fred off and on for 10 years or more, but never knew he was a cyclist until last year. It was nice to ride with him this morning. I also had forgotten how funny he is.

Bob, I hope my pace back was at a healthy recovery level for your knee. Truth is, I don't get much faster.

Munson and Miles: How many miles did you end up doing? My 44 was fun, and left me wanting for more. The most I've ridden in a single day is 67. I may need to top that sometime. Maybe some other time I won't shy away the next time you mention the "H" word. :)

munsoned said...

Scott, it was fun having you along. We did a little over 70 at just under 4 hours. We did have quite a few hills once we headed toward Plattsmouth. But that was fun. The thing about hills is they never get easier, you just get faster going up them. And all that takes is riding up them more often.

Glad you could join us and the traditional Shabbos +1 mojo was definitely in effect.