Thursday, November 13, 2008

More from Wabash.

The Bob has pictures.

Couple of comfort issues. I went against the grain with all traditional long ride adventure practice. I changed my saddle a week before and my shoes 1 day before.

The saddle? I had been using a well worn WTB Silverado for at least a month, but had always had creaking problems. I decided to check out the whole setup a week before our trip. It was probably a good thing I did, because I found the actual seatpost was causing the creak. The top metal piece had a good sized crack half way through it. So that could have been a bad catastrophe for the trip - broken seatpost. I decided then to switch to the wider WTB Devo saddle I had used previously. The Devo is rather wide so I figured it would allow me plenty of room to shift around to find comfy positions over the hours of riding. The main problem is the padding is quite minimal on this saddle. And even though I slathered on the butt butter, I still got a couple good saddle sores. Oh well, such is life.

The Shoes? It was averaging 70s for highs till 2 days before our trip. So it was not conducive to wear the boots I was planning on using. The boots were nice, but I should have plopped some sort of insole in since I have weird feet. I did, of course, use 3 sets of chemical toe warmers over the weekend. That helped for warmth.

But the weird shoes and the different saddle did not play well with my knees. Half way through the 2nd day, my knees were sort of sore and Monday at work was really bad. But it went away after a day. So I think the joints just weren't used to the change in position. No biggie, but still annoying.

Other than that, I was just fine on the ride.

This weekend, Cranksgiving will be in full effect despite the horrid weather forecast. I know Bryan could use the help, so I'm volunteering my efforts at the start/finish so his weekend isn't so stressful. Then on Sunday I believe Joe, Bryan, and whoever else wants to join, will be doing 3 hours from Crane at 8am. Right guys?

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bryan said...

si. 8 a.m. at Crane. Gonna be fun.