Friday, November 28, 2008

Final Weekend Plans

Ok.  Wowt says the flurries are for Sunday. Sunday does seem like a really bad weather day. NW wind in the upper teens with clouds and maybe 38 for a high. Add in the flurries and I don't know if a 4 hour day sounds all that appealing. Unless we want to make it a ride to remember??

So Saturday:
Time: 12:30pm at Crane coffee at 78th and cass.
Ride time: 4 hours or so
Route: cross the river, up to Mo. Valley, back west to Blair, then South somehow.
Forecast: 40's with clouds, not much wind unless THE FRONT comes early.

There's a cold front on the way which is why Sunday looks really menacing. If the front stays away till night time like the forecasters say it will, I think Saturday will be a great ride.

Brady called and said he and his bro are out because he forgot he had a previous engagement planned a long time ago. So, TWO MEN DOWN, TWO MEN DOWN!!!

Everyone else, let's make this thing happen!


bryan said...

I'm riding Sunday, dude. Of course, if we go long on Saturday, I won't have to ride as much. We shall see.

munsoned said...

Ah yes, but are you riding outside? Flurries, almost 20 mph wind, and 38 degrees? It might actually be a toss up between 4 hours on the trainer and that. In my opinion at least. But if you head out, I'll tag along just so I can complain the whole time. Should be a barrel of fun.

bryan said...

If Saturday's ride is going to take longer than four hours, then I'll probably only have to ride 2.5-3 on Sunday.

And if it's really nasty, I'll do 90 1.5-2 on the trainer/rollers and call it good.

Or just sleep all morning. Whatever.

Sean said...

I'll be there tomorrow. But there is a good chance I'm sleeping in all morning sunday.

johnny said...

Dan and I are out. Wet Cold. Ride some for me. Dan will go back to Hastings where it is not raining and ride.