Friday, September 19, 2008

We should ride bikes this weekend

I know some folks are running in the Corporate Cup 10K on Sunday, which is entertaining but ultimately features far fewer crashes than the cycling version.

But I'm not. Mike's not (right?).

So let's ride bikes. Let's pick a time and place and try to avoid the downtown horde. It's gonna be slow -- I'll be on the Bianchi. Ugh.

EDIT: This is the 300th post here. Shomer Shabbos!


munsoned said...

I do concur about Sunday's plans. Saturday I will be on call in the AM, so if someone has afternoon plans, let me know.

Should we figure on 7:30am at Crane on 78th? Or 6:30? I'm up for whatever.

bryan said...

Yes, let's do 7:30. It's gonna be dark at 6:30 still.

Mike Miles said...

I'm in. I'll be on my mtb though.