Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shabbos+1: The Fall Century

Bike Masters has a planned Fall Century Ride ride this Sunday. While I'd like to go the full distance, time will permit about four hours. So join me for a spirited metric century or for the Bike Master's group's full American standard.

Plan to Meet
Where: Bike Masters
When: Sunday, September 14th at 7:45 AM

Alternative: meet earlier (7:00 AM) for coffee at Crane's on 76th and Cass and then catch up to the Bike Master's ride.


Biker Bob said...

If the MTB race on Saturday gets rained out, I may bring my Surly with when we go camping tonight and bike back to Omaha EARLY Sunday to join the century ride. Should be a nice LONG day in the saddle. ;-)

munsoned said...

Hey Bob, if the course is too wet Saturday, the race will be run on Sunday. I think that's the plan anyway. I'm hoping an announcement will be made soon because I kinda doubt the course will be rideable by Saturday at 10am.

So that also means that if the race is run on Sunday, I'll be down in Lincoln and can't join you guys for roadie fun. Our team is hosting the race so that's my priority.

bryan said...

It's gon' rain!

I'm down with all of that, except I won't be at the shop until 7:45. I'm counting on you fine gents to keep me reeled in. I still want to go fast. I don't need to go fast.

brady said...

Crap, Bob. Are you planning on going like 150 miles on Sunday if there is no race?

Bryan - how much time do you have to ride?

bryan said...

If I was home by 12 or 12:30, I'd be fine. That's good for around 60 miles, at least.

Biker Bob said...

It's approximately 66 miles from Branched Oak to the shop. So I'd be in the 166 range if I did both. The hard part is that I'd have to start at 3:45am to make to the shop by 7:45 at 16mph. It's just a plan, who know what I will end up doing.

I'm watching the weather, but it looks like it may rain quite a bit on Saturday as well. If so, I can't imagine the trail being ready to race on Sunday either. I might just have to bring both bikes so I have a fallback if the race doesn't go off sunday either.

brady said...

Looks like the race has been postponed until Saturday 09/20. Looks like you'll be joining us roadies, Munson. Bob - how far will you be going?

munsoned said...

Oops, sorry to misinform you Bob. The race is now rescheduled for next Saturday, the 20th. Unfortunately, I'm on call the day so I won't be able to help my team. Doh!

So Brady, I will join you at Crane at 7am on Sunday.

brady said...

7am Sunday at Crane it is then. We++ will catch Bryan and company 7:45 at Bike Masters.

EB said...

I believe I'll crash the party

7am Crane

bryan said...

right when you guys catch the group, I'm gonna attack. It'll make that bridge seem easy.

Wait, we'll be in the parking lot?


Peter said...

Mike, you mean to say that the ride back in 06 didn't scare you off? Remember, you did end up riding like 14mph with me after I hit the wall at mile 30. I thought riding for 5 hours and listening to me cry would have scarred you for life. Damn that Johnny and his serpent ways of swaying one's decisions! He talked me into it!