Friday, September 05, 2008

Crazy Idea.

I'm one of the officials for the NE State Road race tomorrow.  I had this crazy idea of riding my bike down to Branched Oak tonight, camping for cheap overnight, doing the race duties, then riding home after the race is over.  The reason for this, and ultimately the reason it's not happening, is the Husker football game in Lincoln at 11:30am.  I don't know if I've experienced traveling on the interstate on a game day, but I've heard lots of horror stories.  Granted, I'll be at Branched Oak by 8am, but I've heard people will be migrating toward Lincoln all morning also.  

The reason I'm not going to ride down is the journey home.  The race, and the game, will probably end around 2-3pm.  So that means, even though I'm riding along highways, there'll be a ton of traffic out there also trying to avoid the I-80 congestion.  I'm comfy riding in city traffic with drivers getting to work, but I'm not comfy riding on a highway (no matter how wide the shoulder is) with cars traveling at 50-60 mph containing possibly intoxicated operators.  So for safety's sake, I'm joining the car crowd.  Another reason to not like the Huskers - but that's just my own opinion.


bryan said...

dude, if you're not ready to risk your life for amateur road racing, I'm not sure you should be an official.

johnny said...

Carpool, safer and better for the enviroment. I heard Bryan is going that way. Go ROY

dale said...

I stopped at the gas and rob at 132nd and Fort for milk on the way home. A guy pulls in and runs up on the curb as I'm leaving. He yells out the window, who put this curb here? He was lit up pretty well, probably from watching the game. We strike up a conversation and I smelled the liquor breath and noticed the slured speech. I tell him to be careful driving since he's had a few. He said I should be careful because of the drivers out there like him - "we don't see bikes on the road", distracted by phone or putting on makeup. He had friends killed on a motorcycle by a cement truck.

Well his friend came out of the store with a case of beer and they headed home - a couple miles away.

I should have offered to go get his beer next time so he doesn't have to drive while drunk. I'm wondering if "Beer delivered by B.O.B." would keep me as busy as Eric is at Jimmy Johns?