Saturday, September 20, 2008

Need a McCoffee?

Michelle brought home a stack of coupons (PRONOUNCED COO-PONS!!!) that someone dropped off at her work for McDonalds Cafe dealie. They make mochas, cappucinnos(sp?) and such. The coupons are: buy a mocha or whatever and get a free sammich. The stuff's pretty good, but the coupons only last till 9/25 and only work at the 84th and Grover Micki-Ds. So if anyone wants one, let me know. Cause I'm not eating that much Mc-Cholesterol over the next 5 days.


bryan said...

McNo Thanks.

I only eat McDonalds in emergencies. Or when I'm in Chicago for a Cubs game -- it's right across the street from Wrigley Field.

Mike Miles said...

I think the only think McDonalds is good for is sweet tea... most places in the Midwest don't seem to serve it

Scott Redd said...

Thanks for the offer. I've been a strict vegetarian since 2001, and since then, have found nothing in a McD's that I would eat. Even the fries are precooked in lard.

I suppose a salad might be OK, but I'm one of those weird vegetarians that doesn't particularly like salad.

Anyways, I grew up in Alabama where sweet tea is the norm, and the word is pronounced there as "CUE-pon". I still say it that way. My Nebraska family still gives me grief for the way I say "UM-brella" and my word choice "hose pipe" for a garden hose.

Moe's Southwestern Grill and Cracker Barrel offer sweet tea, by the way.

brady said...

I confess that I like the McRib. I know, that's nasty. It's one of the sandwiches you love or hate.

I rarely eat at McDonalds more than once a year. And if I do, it's usually the Asian chicken salad. Woo! But when the McRib is in, I'll load up my dog Emmy for an extra-special run to Mickey D's.

My dog also likes the McRib.

Before I go any further, let me say that Emmy eats a 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 in the evening of the same boring dog food every day. She also gets a couple milkbone treats and an occasional rawhide chewy. Except for the seasonal McRib, she does not have any "human" food.

At the drive through window, I order the combo and add the extra McRib for $1.

At this point in time, Emmy's drool has made a puddle on the armrest.

The next scene is not unlike the instructions from the flight attendant: take care of your own needs first before helping others. In other words, Emmy has to endure while I frantically shovel the so-called pork(?) sandwich swimming in BBQ sauce & the fries into my pie hole. Then, I calm her down and wipe up her slobber with a thick McDonald's napkin before I utter the magic words she's waited a year to hear:


She goes ape shit over this. I have to quickly tear the sandwich into two (because she'd make such a mess in the car if I simply handed it over to her) and gingerly feed/throw it into the vacuum that's become her mouth.

Now I enjoy the McRib. But seeing Emmy devour it makes the experience even more delightful.

Yes. I'll take a coupon. In fact, make it two.

munsoned said...

Wow, Emmy is already a spaz, so if McRibs (which I also drool over) make her even more crazy, well that's gotta be like the Tasmanian Devil or something. And not the real one, but rather the animated one.

Sean said...

I eat at McDonald's more than I care to admit, but it's because a) it's right next to my apartment, b) it's cheap, and c) I'm in college. It's expected.

I do love me a McRib, though. Hits the spot. I also love the chicken selects. And the chicken nuggets. And fries.

See, this is why I always have a few pounds to lose at the start of the season.

fredcube said...

I used to like processed pork molded into the shape of a piece of pork ribs (kind of like Wonder pork twins, activate!), complete with grease pen grill lines, but ever since there was a seriously non-human hair in one I got about 19 years ago, no McRibs for me. Had it been human hair, no sweat.

And it's CU-pon. Don't get me started on pecans.