Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just plugging away.

Not much new. I've been riding when I can, keeping up kinda with my schedule. Or not.

On Sunday, instead of a long ride, I did a short run. A little run called the Raven's Nest 5K. This is a trail run with many hills, sand pits, and much pain. Last year I did this run and placed 15th overall. Being it was my first running race ever, I was ecstatic. I ran it in 26:26. I have no idea what a fastish paved 5K is like, but the hills and such made it really interesting. This year, however, I was considerably slower. My time was 40 seconds longer and, being that most runners who also did the race last year had faster times, the course was shorter. Last year I hung with the main fast group for quite a while. This year, I was off the pace almost right away. I could just feel that my aerobic system is untrained. Ugh. But that's what I'm working on. So hopefully next year's race will be better.

I did a mountain bike ride on Friday after not touching that bike for a few months. It was a blast, but it too beats you up compared to just road riding. I'll be doing the Traquility mtb race this next weekend, so that should be fun. Then the next day is the Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge. 42 miles with just a wee group of a couple thousand people. Should be fun. Can't decide if I want to hammer it with the fasties at the front, or wade around with the rec riders. Any input from my fellow bloggers as to how we should handle this? Spirited ride, or mellow Shabbos-ie tempo?


bryan said...

I'll be handling the Corporate Cycling Clusterfook with a cup of coffee and a hearty laugh. I'm out for this weekend. Chris is going out of town, so it's just Jack and me. We're going to the race on Saturday morning, though. After that ... ummm ... naps and toys. Lots.

Biker Bob said...

Are you doing the 3 hour ride on Saturday or are you racing one of the other classes?

I'll be doing a fastish ride on Sunday so I can get back for church. I wont be setting any records, but I wont be riding with the "once a year" riders. I'll be on my SS but with a bit taller gear.

brady said...

I'm up for a spirited up tempo.

munsoned said...

Bryan, you should pull Jack along for the full 42 miles! Come on, he can take it, why can't you? Just kidding, have a good father/son quality time weekend.

Bob, I'd be doing single speed since that's all I got. I wonder if I can do a one day license for the 3 hour? Also, the start times are posted weird. One place says the 3 hour begins at 10am, and another place, it states it begins at 12pm? Actually, now that I think about it, I better stick to the SS class. There's no way, after not riding off road for most of the year, that my body could take a 3 hour jarring session. So I'll put in my 3 or 4 laps of the SS race and call it good. Plus then I'll have something left for the ride on Sunday.

Brady, hopefully I won't be too beat up from off-roading that I can keep up with you on Sunday. Bob will have one gear, so if he (or rather mostly I) lag behind, feel free to keep trucking with the "breakaway."

Biker Bob said...

I'll probably just do the SS race also. My arms, wrists, and lower back would probably not make 3 hours.

See ya there.

Biker Bob said...

I'll do the best I can on Sunday. I switched the gearing to 52x18 so I have a bit more top end for those descents and fast flat areas.

Biker Bob said...

I might also ride the Marin. I'll have 8 gears to work with then ;-).

Any suggestions on finding you on Sunday? I will try to ride in BM green.

munsoned said...

Oh yeah, the locating people thing. Um, I should probably make a post about that one. Stay tuned.