Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aaaaah, Shabbos + 1 defined.

Start time 6:30am on a Sunday when the town's not yet awake. Streets are bare so riding around is nice and quiet. Pace is easy; hills are taken at talking speed. As in, you can still muster a conversation when going up a rather steep grade. And that's what Shabbos + 1 is all about, conversation while on the bike. Or off the bike. Sometimes the goal of the ride is to get to a coffee shop, sit down and chat for half hour- fourty five minutes, then mosey on home. When you get home, you still wish you could be out there riding the rest of the day like you just were. Good conversation, easy pace, riding bikes, loving life, good times. That's Shabbos + 1 defined.


bryan said...

here here!

bryan said...

or, rather, hear hear!

Biker Bob said...

Lost your email address. Wanted to see if you and some of the other folks might be interested in an EARLY SHabbos start and then hooking up with the BM ride. Maybe even get 100+ in for the day.

I was think along the lines of starting at 6:00 or 5:30 with lights for the front rider/riders.

munsoned said...

That sounds great, Bob. Unfortunately, I'm on call this Saturday, So no dice for me. Plus I'm in no shape to be riding hard. I've got a cold or something beating me up. So I gotta rest for now, then get back to it.

Hope you guys have fun!