Friday, May 02, 2008

Hey, do you feel like throwing up?

Come to Hummel Park around 9 on Saturday morning. I'm doing hill repeats. It's gonna be awesome.

Or not. But I'll still be there.


munsoned said...

Official meeting time is 9:45 at Dodge park if anyone in Bloggoland is up and reading random posts.

bryan said...

Oh yeah. 9:45. I'm leaving my house at 9. Sorry.

Sean said...

But I don't get back til sometime Sunday! That means we have to do hill repeats on Sunday too. Which suits me, because you'll be dead on the bike, and I might be able to hang onto your wheel.

bryan said...

No. I'm not doing it again on Sunday. I might not even be alive then.

Hey, bonus for you, though!