Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wouldn't call this eye candy...

but, I plan on buying some of this when it comes out.

Dave is truly a funny guy and if he doesn't charge Assos prices for his butt butter, I'll put it into regular use.


bryan said...

I'm betting on 17.99 for a tube of that. Assos is 19.99 and lasts for months. It's the only product I'll buy where price isn't an issue.

Sean said...

Competitive Cyclist sells Assos in cases of 10. Presumably because everyone who buys a bike from them is a fat dude and goes through ass cream fast.

Did you see the DZNuts T-shirt? It says "Lube 'em or lose 'em." I'd buy one. Wouldn't wear it anywhere other than a race, though. Probably get some weird looks.