Sunday, May 06, 2007

Not much of a Shabbos ... +1

A group ride is always nice.

A group ride in my basement isn't near as nice. Mike and I rolled in one place for about two hours while watching Paris-Roubaix 2003. Pretty cool sprint at the end, several wonderful crashes, etc.

The highlight? When my wife walked in after her workout at the gym and said, "you guys stink."
True enough. Two guys in a tiny, humid basement will do that. And the two dogs, who have been in and out of the rain for the better part of what seems like a month, probably weren't helping, either.

We're looking forward to getting outside from now on.


munsoned said...

What do you mean?!?! That ride was the best ride I've been on all year, it was a thrill a minute.

Ok sarcasm off.

Hey, at least we rode. And I'm sure no one else waited till the afternoon to ride in the perfectly dry, although windy, conditions outside. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

bryan said...

Yeah, that's the positive spin I put on the whole thing -- at least we rode.

Let's hope we never have to resort to that again.