Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I think I have enough signs now....

So this year has been pretty rough on everyone. The weather hasn't been cooperating, lots of people have important life stuff going on, etc.

I'm kinda getting tired of riding solo just for trainings sake so I always look forward to group rides. I couldn't really find any consistent group rides over the winter. In the past I would put in 3-5 hour endurance rides with at least a few buddies almost weekly, that didn't happen this year. I also picked up mtb which is not so much endurance based, but fun as hell. I don't mind doing a couple hour mtb ride solo since it's new and fun and improvement of handling skills really is a personal solo experience.

My job has a rotating monthly schedule where every 4th month, I have to work night time hours. During the month of April, when everyone else is hitting the group rides and pushing each other to be stronger, I was working and not getting those high intensity rides in. I know Bryan has been getting the job done even though he works late, but he's new to the sport and has a lot of dedication. Since I was really looking forward to doing the mtb race thing, that's mostly what I rode. Then the Lincoln plating race came up and showed me that to really even be competitive (or stay with the pack) you have to ride that specific discipline to train your body. Riding almost only mtb really hurt my road performance. A new experience for me.

So now that it's a new month, May, I work the early shift, sort of. For some reason, the guy who's doing the late shift this month decided to get married and go have a honeymoon for a couple weeks. So I split the late shifts with another guy. I worked it out to come in early on Wednesdays so I could do the group ride. At the beginning of this week I was all excited to get back out there on Wednesday then......I get sick. So, I'm out for this week. Next week I will hopefully get to ride with the group. With my luck we'll probably have another deluge of rain.

I was also looking forward to riding the Platte River race this weekend, buy my little bro is flying in from out of town for just the weekend. I might still do the 3 hour race if I'm over my sickness by then.

Also, I found out that I'll be doing an event for work on Saturday the 19th during the NE State TT championship.

Ssssssssssoooooooo.... All of that may sound like excuses for having a piss poor year and if I was more dedicated I'd probably would work it out, but I'm just gonna have fun riding my bike this year and not stress out about racing too much. I've been going at it hard for 4 years and figure I need a recovery year. That's how periodization training works right? So next year I'll be flying, right? RIGHT?!?!?!!?


bryan said...

The way things are stacked up, yeah, you're doing the right thing.

Running is the same way for me right now, which is why I'm on the bike. I ran Monday, and it was like pulling teeth. I loitered around the house in my running gear far longer than necessary, had little desire to go far, etc.

Sounds the same way for you. Don't sweat it. Enjoy the ride.

fredcube said...

Um yeah. Cough! Cough! I'm too sick to ride, too.
Ok, I'm lying. I'll be there tonight. Man, someone you could have dropped. Sucks for you.
Get "well" soon.

joemac said...

Mike just bury yourself in a couple of hard rides and your fitness will come up. My whole winter was basically 1hr rides, 4 or 5 days a week, with alot of alcohol consumption on the side. I obviously got crushed in lincoln plating, but felt really good at iowa city. Would have been in the $ if I wouldnt of flatted. Anyway, just get on those rides and blow yourself up a couple of times and you will be back in no time.

munsoned said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the encouragement. I'll be in the running again in llllaaate summer. It's just frustrating when it's upper 70s, barely any wind and I'm sick as a dog layin on the couch.

I will be back, oh yes, I will.....