Wednesday, April 01, 2015

WNW Solo Slog

Being that the forecast probably scared most people, not to mention the 20-30mph South Wind, the group was pretty slim at WNW.  This, of course, meant that I was soloing it after the first hill, which I'm ok with.  The plan was, as the only B group rider, to turn on Northern Hills Road for a very shortened route.  I could break out the MapMyRide web page to figure out exactly how much shorter the route was, but I was just fine with not heading all the way up to Ft. Calhoun and then suffering against the wind around Boyer's Chute.  I made it back to the shop before it closed and picked up the stuff I left after I built one bike after I left my regular job.  So I count that as a full day.  I was thinking really hard about taking it easy tomorrow and driving to work, but I signed that pesky 30 days of biking thing.  I will ride to both jobs tomorrow and probably be veeerrrry tired tomorrow night.

Hopefully this will finally kick start my training.  So far, all I've done are the 3 WNW rides.  No weekend rides, no easy rides after my 2 jobs during the week.  So I need to change that if I want to ever get past solo slogging it.  It would've happened this past weekend, but Friday morning I had an involuntary "cleanse."  As in, I lost everything in me from both ends.  It was not a good Friday or weekend.  I'm still a tad weak and dehydrated, but I'm trying to drink tons of water and eat healthier.  That's one thing I noticed after the "cleanse."  Unhealthy food does not make my body feel good.  Beef and starch (burger and fries) makes my body feel heavy and slow.  If I eat a salad for lunch, I'm light and agile.  Well, I had to eat an energy bar before the ride tonight, but I hopped on the scale for the hey of it and found I'm down to 185 lbs from my all time high a week ago of 195 lbs.  I'm sure some of that is still dehydration from the "cleanse" and the difficult solo slog.  But it's the correct direction of the scale meter.  I raced at 155-160 lbs.  I don't think I'll ever get that slim, and I don't even need to as I won't be racing.  But it would be nice to get down to mid 160s.  That is probably my ideal weight.

So this weekend, even though I have 2 Easter things planned with families,  I will eat light and ride some.  Not sure where/when, but most likely morning for a couple hours each.  Let me know if anyone would like a super mellow ride either of the 2 days.  I'm up for it.

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