Thursday, March 26, 2015

WNW Day 3, I mean, Day 2 report.

I achieved my first goal from 2 weeks ago, but I don't think it had anything to do with me.  We went up the same evil hill to 96th St and the group stayed together due to a blustery North Wind and almost double the group size.  I hung out with them for the first 2 hills, then went way too far into oxygen debt by the 3rd.  I haven't had the feeling of almost throwing up from going so hard in quite a long time.  Other lessons learned on the ride: I need to find which of my old cycling sunglasses work best to shield my eyes from the wind, and if it's ever below 50°, I need to do something about my feet - booties, chem toe warmers - something.  My tootsies were really hurting by the end of the ride.

The reason I didn't make last week's ride was this:

Bike boxes everywhere.  The shop was in need of some help, so I passed on the ride.  There's a bit of a dent in those mountains of bike boxes, but I sure hope the other builders step up and put in work.

I might attempt to join the GSV ride this Saturday, but I'm concerned I'll end up getting lost in Iowa since I know nothing about that area and will probably get dropped again.  Or I may just go on a longer solo ride at my own pace.  Maybe (re)starting out with competitive group rides after not riding at all for the past 2 years is a bad idea?


Travis said...

The GVC ride should have a sweeper, so the possibility of getting lost should be smaller. :)

munsoned said...

Well if the GVC ride's sweeper is anything like the WNW's sweeper(me), they better have a hard time keeping up with an 8 year old on a tricycle.