Monday, April 13, 2015

Putting my Pants on, (Opposite) One Leg at a Time

Have you ever noticed that when you put on pants/shorts or even socks/shoes, that every single time you start with one specific side?  I've always been a left foot/leg starter.  It must be just like intertwining your fingers.  Quickly, clasp your hands together and intertwine your fingers.  Let go.  Do it again.  Notice how one hand always is the top pointer finger (usually your dominant hand)?  Now clasp your hands together, but focus on switching so the opposite hand is the top finger.  It feels really weird.

That's what changing the leg/foot order feels like when putting on pants.  I've had to do this since, well,  I got hit by a car.  All my bikes are fine, don't worry.

It was Friday before last and I was tired from my WNW solo slog, so I drove to work at UNMC.  I park (for free) in the neighborhood and walk a few blocks in.  I was crossing Leavenworth on 42nd as I had the walk light.  I almost made it all the way across, but heard something and turned around just in time to see a car making a left turn into me.  I did a little cartwheel over the hood and landed on my hands and knees, mostly on my right side.  I lost some skin on my right hand and banged up my right knee pretty well.

The lady admitted fault to the police, so the subsequent ER visit along with CT scan for a possible kinked neck and X-ray for possible wrist damage should be taken care of just fine.  I got the all clear from the doc so I'm just healing now with my neck being a tad sore and my knee not having full range of motion.

 But like I said, I now need to put my pants on starting with my right leg as starting with my left requires lifting my right leg more than it can go at the moment.  I'm going to start a regiment of bending my leg fully slowly and work my way back to regular complete motion.  I don't think I'll be on any WNWs rides for a while till I get back to full motion and strength.  Today was actually the first day I've ridden since the injury and it was ok, but I know I have some work to do.  My right leg has always been my weaker side in cycling, but now it's too weak to really contribute and that needs to change.

To top off the great luck, I got a bad cold right afterward and have this lingering cough that can keep me up most of the night.  So that's just peachy for healing purposes.

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